The Easiest Way to Meditate!

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are one of the best ways to start learning meditation because you’re led every step of the way. It’s wonderful for beginners, since it helps you stay focused. A soothing voice directs you and gives you reassurance, so you can learn without worrying if you’re doing it wrong.

A wide variety of meditations

From attracting abundance to dealing with a breakup, from building self-esteem to the “My Boss is a Jerk” meditation, we’re sure you’ll find a meditation to meet your needs. We also have special meditations for commuting, recharging while at work, getting better sleep, waking up and even very short power meditations.

Deal better with life

You will find many different guided meditations in the Breethe program. To help you achieve specific goals, meditations are even recommended just for you based on your personalized profile. You can access many free guided meditation audio tracks within the program, so go ahead and try it now!

Easier with a coach

Imagine trying to learn to play tennis all by yourself. Sure, you could manage to grasp the basics by watching others, but with a personal coach, you’ll get the hang of it much quicker. Lynne helps you do the same with meditation! You’ll experience the benefits of meditation much faster than if you decide to go it alone.

New content every week

We are constantly adding new meditations and visualizations to give you an even greater variety. Enjoy over 100 guided meditations in over 20 categories, including:

  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety

  • Breaking Bad Habits

  • Wellness

  • Success & Prosperity

  • Family & Relationships

  • Happiness

  • Sleep

  • And more…

Guided meditations for kids

We’re very excited about the science-proven benefits of meditation for kids, and we want to help. Our kids’ meditations are free, forever! We encourage schools to use them to discover the benefits meditation offers, like improved attention, social skills, and creativity.

Test drive a guided meditation

In case you’d like to go ahead and give it a try, we’ve included a 5 minute guided meditation video right on this page. Enjoy!